Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sexy Girl From Pokhara


1dRfl - wonderful
2 - to/too/two
2dA - today
2moro - tomorrow
2nite - tonite
3dom - freedom
4 - for
4get - forget
4N - foreign
ADN - any day now
AFAIK - as far as I know
AFAIR - as far as I recall
ASAP - as soon as possible
ATM - at the moment
B - be
B4 - before
B4N - bye for now
BB - bye-bye
Bf -boyfriend
BG - big grin
BION - believe it or not
BK - big kiss
BTDT - been there, done that
BTW - by the way
By - busy
C - see/sea
CB - call back
CUL - see you later
CWYL - chat with you later
DUZ - does
DUZNT - doesn't
F2F - free to talk?
G2G - got to go
Gf - girlfried
Gr8 - great
Grr - angry
H2 - how to
HUH - have you heard?
IC - I see
ICCL - I couldn't care less
IK - I know
ILU (or ILY) - I love you
in4ml - informal
KISS - keep it simple, stupid
KUTGW - keep up the good work
@ "At"
MSG "Message"
W "With"
ATB "All the best"
NE "Any"
W/O "Without"
B "Be, Bee"
NETHNG "Anything"
WKND "Weekend"
BCNU "I'll be seeing you"
NE1 "Anyone"
XLNT "Excellent"
BWD "Backward"
NO1 "No-one"
XOXOX "Hugs and kisses"
B4 "Before"
OIC "Oh, I see"
YR "Your"
C "See, Sea"
PCM "Please call me"
1 "One, Won"
CU "See you"
PLS "Please"
2 "Too, To, Two"
DOIN "Doing"
PPL "People"

:) Original smiley
:-) Classic smiley
;-) Wink
:-)) Very happy
|-) Hee-hee
:-D Laugh loud
:-o Amazement
:^D" Great! I like it!
:-* Kiss
<3 I love you
:-s Confusion
{} No comment
:-C Totally unbelievable
:-X Big wet kiss
:-9 Licking lips
%-) Confused
*:* Fuzzy face
:-@ Screaming
:-7 Wry remark
:-p Sticking out tongue
:-( Frown
:> Develish grin
(:-|K- Dressed to kill
:-|| Angry
::=)) Seeing double
:-> Hey
|:-0 No explanation
#:-) Hair in a mess
>;-(' I am spitting mad
#-) Partied all night
:-| Hmmm
:-& Tongue-tied
L8 - late
L8r - later
LMK - let me know
M8 - mate
MOF - matter of fact
MT - empty
MTE - my thoughts exactly
NAGI - not a good idea
Ne - any
Ne1 - anyone
No1 - no one
nrg - energy
OIC - Oh I see
OK - okay
ONNA - oh no, not again!
OTT- over the top
PCM - please call me
Pls - please
Ppl - people
PTL - praise the Lord
R - are
Re - regarding
RUOK - are you okay?
Spk - speak
Sry - sorry
SWAK - sealed with a kiss
THX - thanks
TTYL - talk to you later
TXT - text
U - you
U@ - you at? (where are you?)
UOK - you okay?
UR - your/you're
Usu - usually
W8 - wait
W84M - wait for me
W/ - with
Wan2 - want to
wn - when
WMF - works for me
XLNT - excellent
Y - why
YM - you mean
YR - yeah, right
GONNA "Going to"
SUM1 "Someone"
3SUM "Threesome"
GR8 "Great"
STRA "Stray"
4 "For, Four"
H8 "Hate"
THNQ "Thank you"
:-) "I'm happy"
L8 "Late"
THX "Thanks"
:-o "I'm surprised"
L8R "Later"
U "You"
:-( "Sad face"
LUV "Love"
UR "You are "
d:) "Baseball cap "
MOB "Mobile"
WAN2 "Want to?"
;-/ "Confused"
2DAY "Today"
F2T "Free to talk"
RUOK "Are you okay?"
2MORO "Tomorrow"
FWD "Forward"
RGDS "Regards"

(:-... Heart-broken
%-) I'm tipsy but happy
#:-o Oh no!
:-# My lips are sealed
8-) Sender wears glasses
:+( I'm hurt by that
:*)? Are you drunk?
<:-0 Eeek!
:-e I'm disappointed
(-: Sender is left-handed
<:-) Dumb question
~o~ Bird
:@ Ouch!
:-(*) Sick comment
(:-) Bald
:// Frustrated
:3-< Dog
d:-) Hats off to your great idea
:-$ Put your money where your mouth is
:-{) Sender has moustache
|-| Going to sleep
:@) Pig
\o/ Praise the Lord
*<:o) Clown
:-{)} Sender has moustache & beard
:=8) Baboon
8^ Chicken
~#:-( Bad hair day
:'-( I am crying
:*) I' tipsy
:-o Oh
O:-) Innocent
&:-) Sender has curly hair

8 Good Reasons To Kiss

1) Kissing removes stress। Your hectic schedule at work is really enough to test anyone’s sanity. To prevent crashing and burning, begin a day with a kiss. It will give you that needed positive attitude boost. Kissing gives you an adrenaline rush, which counters hydrocortisone, a hormone that is produced when the body is stressed. Kissing relieves stress by soothing the mind and having the effects of a great relaxation technique.

2) Kissing fights against tooth decay. Kissing is nature’s own mouth-cleaning process. Deep kissing increases the flow of saliva, which contains substances that fight bacteria, viruses and fungi. This in turn keeps the mouth, teeth and gums healthy. While kissing shouldn’t be a replacement for brushing your teeth, it does fight plaque and cavities because of the calcium and phosphorous in the saliva. Still, you should have your routine visits to your dentist twice a year. You can kiss more often as well.

3) Kissing burns calories। Kissing burns kilojoules. The more passionate the kiss, the greater the basal metabolic rate. A kiss increases fitness levels by improving your cardiovascular circulation. The excitement produces adrenaline into the bloodstream and your heart pumps more blood effectively in your body. Kissing may lead to more passionate kissing. More passionate kissing could lead to more sultry sex, thereby creating a “kiss-sexercise” cycle. Kissing is not exactly a cardiovascular workout like running on a treadmill, but it certainly is a dandy way to add to a healthy and active lifestyle.

4) Kissing tones facial muscles. Kissing can give your lips, tongue, cheeks, face, jaw and neck muscles quite a workout. As the dozens of little face muscles exercise, they increase blood circulation which helps smoothen out wrinkles and slow the aging process. Some say these exercises could keep you looking younger, invigorated, and certainly looking happier. Kissing makes you smile, too. Didn’t we all learn at a young age how frowning makes your skin sag?

5) Kissing enhances the immune system। Exposure to the “good” germs that inhabit your partner’s mouth beefs up your immune system. By exchanging bacteria through a kiss you are stimulating your internal defense mechanism. It has to be in amounts just enough to stimulate your immune system to be stronger. There are some cultures that share spit in other ways, through community meals and “special” beverages. This leads to a shared immune response, and makes a group more robust and healthier as a whole.

6) Kissing boosts your morale. When our well-being improves, our self-esteem increases. The possibilities of self-improvement through the beneficial effects of kissing and what follows are endless. There’s nothing better than a passionate kiss for a major dose of feel-good factor. In theory, when you’re kissing, you’re happy. And when you’re happy, you feel good about yourself. We feel more secure and better about ourselves, and our outer persona reflects it. Don’t you ever wonder how people find out the following morning why you look so relaxed and composed after a good bout of kissing the night before?

7) Kissing is a form of meditation। Kissing induces the same brain wave and physiological changes that meditation does. Kissing quiets the mind and, in that sense, it is much like meditation as it quells all the yackity-yak. If your mind still buzzes and chatters inside while you are kissing someone, then you may be kissing the wrong person. Try to find the right partner to give you that inner peace.

8) Kissing induces emotional bonding. Kissing your partner is a fun, pleasurable and important part of physical intimacy and helps maintain a sense of togetherness and love. It is commonly accepted by biological anthropologists that evolution has selected for humans to form strong emotional bonds with other people. Evolution selected sensitive lips for reasons other than kissing. They were so sensitive, that they were easily adapted to being used in a physical expression of emotional bonding.

Ideas For Boys When Kissing a Girl

1. Will she be able to tell I'm inexperienced?
Not at all. Because everybody kisses differently and everyone has their own style of kissing. So she'll never know unless you tell her yourself.
2. How do I approach her for that first Kiss?
For those of you who are really shy you can take the gentleman's approach. When your date is over, make sure the two of you are alone. Let's say that you're in front of her house, saying good-bye. Tell her what a great time you had with her. Then ask her nicely if it would be OK to kiss her good-bye. Using this approach takes the guess work out of who is going to make the first move and when.
For those of you who are bold and brave, the best approach is to just do it. It's the most romantic and will have a better lasting effect on her. So let's say again that you're in front of her house, saying good-bye after a date. Tell her what a great time you had with her and you want to see her again. Let her reply. Then take her hands in yours, or better yet take her face in your hands, and slowly move close to her and bring your lips gently on hers.
3. Is it OK to give her a French Kiss for the first kiss?
We wouldn't advise it, especially if she's nervous and maybe she's never kissed before. What we recommend is that you start off with a gentle close-mouthed kiss. If that goes well, then you can move into a French kiss, but it's not necessary. So don't feel pressured into giving her a French kiss.
4. How do you know when a girl wants to be French Kissed?
You won't know unless she uses her tongue first. The best way to approach a French kiss if she hasn't first is to kiss her. If her tongue doesn't enter your mouth to touch your tongue then just move your tongue between her lips until it touches hers.